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Year 3


A very warm welcome to the Spring term and to 2023! 

Our topic is called Fragile Earth and promises to be a wonderful way to learn about our precious planet and how to look after it better. This topic has the important job of educating our future generation so that they are equipped with all the knowledge they need to make a difference. During the Spring Term they will hopefully be generating some important discussions at home regarding small changes we can make to our own lives in order to have a greater impact on the world. I'm hoping that they will become true Eco Warriors, finding their own voice and opinions after being inspired by speeches from Greta Thunberg and David Attenborough to name but a few! Whilst learning about our fragile planet, they will become experts in volcanoes, earthquakes, mountains and rivers through knowledge based lessons using quality texts and some practical activities to enhance their learning further. I cannot wait to see what Year 3 produce!


Each week Year 3 will be learning a different spelling rule. We will be working on these spellings every day so if you wanted to support your child and practise them at home each star provides a list of our focus words. There is no formal test but any consolidation is helpful to embed these spellings. The lists are also very useful to recap any previous learning. 

Autumn Term Spelling

Spring Term Spelling

Summer Term Spelling