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Year 3


A very warm welcome to Year 3 and the Spring Term!

Our topic for the Spring term is called Stone Age to Iron Age. The Stone Age to Iron Age covers around 10,000 years, between the last Ice Age and the coming of the Romans. We will begin with looking at our pre-history and early man. Studying cave men and how they developed is fascinating and I'm excited to start our learning journey. From cave art and learning about how tools were developed, this is an exciting period of History. Let's hope we can learn together and become experts using a variety of evidence.


Use the link below to help you get started with learning at home! 



Each week Year 3 will be learning a different spelling rule. We will be working on these spellings every day so if you wanted to support your child and practise them at home each star provides a list of our focus words. There is no formal test but any consolidation is helpful to embed these spellings. The lists are also very useful to recap any previous learning. 

Autumn Term Spelling

Spring Term Spelling

Summer Term Spelling