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Year 3


A very warm welcome to Year 3 and KS2! 

My name is Mrs Thursby and I am the Year 3 teacher. In our classroom this year, we are very lucky to have Miss Harrison to help us in our Maths lessons each day. Year 3 is all about becoming more independent in our learning and I'm really looking forward to all the exciting topics we are going to cover this year. Our first topic is called Vicious Vikings! This will be a chance to learn all about the reasons for the Vikings coming to Britain and we will enjoy getting our teeth into the question: Were they raiders or settlers?

I firmly believe that this class webpage is a place for celebrating our work, inspiring further learning at home as well as being a place that pupils can have a say in. Y3 pupils will have the opportunity to request certain videos, learning and websites that they will find useful to aid their learning through the year. 

I can't wait to get started! 


Each week Year 3 will be learning a different spelling rule. We will be working on these spellings every day so if you wanted to support your child and practise them at home each star provides a list of our focus words. There is no formal test but any consolidation is helpful to embed these spellings. The lists are also very useful to recap any previous learning. 

Autumn Term Spelling

Spring Term Spelling

Summer Term Spelling