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Year 3


A very warm welcome to Year 3 and the Summer Term!

Our topic for the Summer term is called Planes, trains and automobiles! This brilliant topic will inspire everyone to think about becoming engineers, architects, builders or inventors. It will include lots of history too, especially thinking about how transport has changed over time. We will be exploring the significant people who changed the course of transport history through their amazing inventions. Watch out for our work on Amelia Earhart and all the wonderful texts we will read to enhance our learning and inspire us even further! I can't wait to get started and see the wonderful work produced!


Use the link below to help you get started with learning at home! 


An Animated History of Transportation


Each week Year 3 will be learning a different spelling rule. We will be working on these spellings every day so if you wanted to support your child and practise them at home each star provides a list of our focus words. There is no formal test but any consolidation is helpful to embed these spellings. The lists are also very useful to recap any previous learning. 

Autumn Term Spelling

Spring Term Spelling

Summer Term Spelling