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Getting started with our topic

These videos will help you get started with some important knowledge that you need to know. Enjoy learning!

Introduction to the Stone Age (KS1/KS2)

Introduction to the Stone Age! Learn about how our world split into continents. We will also teach you about basic life prior to the Stone Age and what animals were already extinct before today. Learn about the importance of Cave Paintings and how they have given us lots of information about the past.

The Stone Age | Prehistoric age | Stone Age Humans | Video for kids

TheStoneAge #StoneAge #PrehistoricPeriod #Caveman The Stone Age is a very ancient period of human history, when people used weapons and tools made of stone. Scientists divide the Stone Age into two major periods: The Paleolithic Period The Neolithic Period The Stone Age is a period of history in which humans used primitive stone tools.

Prehistoric Art for Kids - Cave Art - Art History Lesson 001

In this video we will learn about the first art ever produced: PREHISTORIC ART.

The Age of Metals - 5 Things You Should Know - History for Kids

Educational video for children to learn many things about the Age of Metals which we divide into the Copper Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. This video answers questions like: When did the Age of Metals begin? What did that mean for agriculture and cattle raising? What were the early settlements and houses like?