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School Uniform

We are a Uniform School. We believe a uniform looks smart, wears well and contributes to a feeling of belonging to the school.

The Governors have expressed a wish that suitable clothing be worn to school equal to the image we wish the school to convey. So that competition in wearing 'Designer Clothes' and Trainers does not enter this school, the Governors feel that having a school uniform will assist parents financially and exclude arguments at home as to what children wish to wear themselves.

Our uniform consists of:-
Boys & Girls
WHITE POLOSHIRT/SHIRT                         
GREY/BLACK TROUSERS                                
ALL THE PRICED ITEMS OF CLOTHING MAY BE PURCHASED FROM LINCOLN UNIFORM DIRECT. Parents are also able to purchase items from other outlets such as supermarkets without the school logo that are also acceptable.
We agree to girls wearing shorts or trousers so long as they follow the criteria stated for the boys.
Jeans trousers are not to be worn to school and, only in extenuating circumstances are trainer shoes allowed for everyday wear.


Preloved Uniform

We now have our own preloved uniform shop where good quality items of second hand uniform can be purchased for £1 an item. the stall will be open on the last Friday of each term. Please ask at the school office in between these times if you need anything.

Clothing For PE, Games, Swimming  Art And Craft
PE Kits    Plain white T Shirt (short Sleeves), dark shorts, plimsolls. Children can wear leggings, joggers and sweatshirts to come to and from school and when outside. Trainers can be worn for outdoor PE.
Swimming    We require all children with long hair to tie it back for safety reasons. We also ask you for reasons of safety to remove any jewelry your child may be wearing, especially watches and bracelets. If possible girls should remove earrings with back studs because if they should fall out the pin could be dangerous. Knee length trunks are not advised.
Art    In order to protect children's clothing when painting or involved in craftwork, pottery etc. an old shirt of Dad's, worn backwards makes an ideal painting apron.
Jewelry    Necklaces, bracelets or rings should not be worn in school. You will appreciate that this is largely for safety reasons. Similarly ears that are pierced should have studs in them while in school, rather than sleepers which carry a risk of catching. If you intend to have your child’s ears pierced, please plan to do this close to a holiday to ensure that they can be removed for PE lessons.