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Writing poetry MORERAPS

M.O.R.E.R.A.P.S Poetry

Inspired by the author Joseph Coelho, Year 3 have written some amazing 8 line poems. Our poems are written around the theme of the Tear Thief story. Watch this space for the final publishing of these poems. We can't wait to share the with you! 

Watch the video at home. Maybe you could write another MORERAPS poem on a theme of your choice. Have fun!

Joseph Coelho for The Poetry Society - how to write a MORERAPS poem

Poet Joseph Coelho teaches you how to write a MORERAPS poem - one with every key feature of a poem (metaphor, simile, repetition etc). This one will work nicely in the KS2, early KS3 classroom - or for fun at home. Find more poetry learning ideas at and more about Joe at

Poetry Prompts with Joseph Coelho


Use the resource below to try out the poetry prompt by Joseph Coelho.