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Transition morning

Transition Morning!

For one of our tasks we chose a favourite book to bring to Year 3. We created our own class book blanket of all our favourite books. There was a great deal of rich talk about books!

Our Book cafe!

During the morning, we enjoyed a huge variety of books. We chatted about the books we liked whilst enjoying juice and biscuits too! It was lovely to hear so much talk about books!

The Barnabus Project!

During our transition time in Year 3, we enjoyed a new book called The Barnabus Project. We created our own pets and Mrs Thursby discovered just how creative her new class were. Take a look at some of our work! 

Enjoy the book yourself!

The Barnabus Project by the Fan Brothers; a read-aloud book about celebrating our differences.

Read-aloud of The Barnabus Project by the Fan Brothers about not perfect creatures supporting each other and creating a caring community.