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Enjoying art

Art Project with Charcoal

This term Year 3 are developing skills with charcoal. We will be learning about the different types of charcoal and how to explore mark making. 

As part of our project we will look at the work of the artist Laura McKendry who loves to use charcoal when drawing dogs. 

Watch this space for photos of our art work coming soon later in the term!

Background knowledge about Cave Art

These videos are the ones we watched in class. They tell us all about the discovery of cave art and inspire us to create our own. Use them to further your knowledge about this period in history as this will really help your art work in our project.

The First Drawing

This is a brilliant book to help you understand the history behind the very first drawings made during Stone Age times. We will be reading this book in class too. 

The First Drawing, by Mordicai Gerstein

The First Painting, by Mordicai Gerstein


Here are lots of resources and ideas for Art activities you can try and enjoy doing at home. I hope you enjoy exploring different techniques and using a range of materials. Remember that Art is wonderful for our well being. It can help us relax too. Have a go!

The Tate Gallery For Kids

The link below takes you to The Tate Kids website which is all about Art and Artists. There are games and quizzes to try as well as lots of Art ideas for you to explore and try. It really is a wonderful place to learn about Art!