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Reading Ambassadors

We are excited to work with our new Holt Primary School Reading Ambassadors.  They have eagerly started their role which will involve: reading with children throughout the school, helping with the organisation of our Starbooks reading room, supporting teachers with making their reading areas even more inspiring, helping children to choose books, organising special reading events and so much more!  They will attend meetings to share their own ideas as well as the ideas of others. 

As they are representing our school in such an important way, have received a special Reading Ambassador badge.  Because they will be promoted as 'reading role models', they have been challenged to do the following things:  



-Become a member of your local library. I’d love to have a photo of you with your library card in the library if possible to display in school as this is something we want to promote to ALL children and they will be looking up to you as role models.

-Send a photo of you with your favourite book/books.  This will allow other children to know what you like to read so that they can talk to you and get book recommendations. Thankfully, in our group of Reading Ambassadors we have such varied interests and this is great as not everyone likes the same books so, together, you will be able to connect to the interests of other children throughout the school.

-Spend one lunchtime session in Starbooks getting to know the books that we have in our new room so that when you come to recommend books to others, you know what we have on offer.

-Suggest one book, comic, picture book, graphic novel or magazine that our school does not have that you think we should.


We are SO excited to work together to make reading at The Holt the best it can be.