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Meet the Governors

Welcome to our Governors’ section. 

Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.

Mr Chris Curtis                          Co-opted governor until 7.10.18              Year 6 Link Governor

Chair of Governors                     Appointed by the Governing Body


Mr Anthony Stevens                  Co-opted governor until 7.10.18              Mrs Keightley Link Governor

Vice Chair                                  Appointed by the Governing Body


Mrs Charlotte Smith                 Co-opted governor until 7.10.18              Year 3 Link Governor

                                                 Appointed by the Governing Body

Mrs Sue Hughes                        Co-opted governor until 7.10.18              Reception Link Governor

                                                 Appointed by the Governing Body

Mrs Carol Sinclair                     Co-opted governor until 7.10.18               Year 4 Link Governor

                                                 Appointed by the Governing Body


Mr Darren Lovelock                  Parent Governor until 2.7.19                    Year 1 Link Governor

                                                 Appointed by parents

Mr David McQueen                   Parent Governor until 2.7.19                    Year 2 Link Governor

                                                Appointed by parents

Mrs Helen Hill                          Parent Governor until 23.11.19                  Year 5 link Governor

                                                Appointed by parents


Mrs Julie Leach                       Headteacher

                                                By virtue of their office

Mrs Sarah Bell                         Staff Governor until 31.5.18              

                                                Appointed by the staff

Vacancy                                   LA Governor

                                                Nominated by LA, appointed by GB


There are no declarations of business or pecuniary interest currently listed.This is reviewed annually.

No Governors serve on other Govnerning bodies.

All terms of office are for 4 years and all Governors have voting rights on their committees.