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Year 5 - Magpies

Welcome to Year 5 from Mr Ames

Hello and welcome to Year 5- Our teacher is Mr Ames and he is supported by supported by a brilliant team who include: Mrs Moon and Mrs Burnett. 


As we move into the Spring Term, we are beginning to explore a new topic -Mad Science. Within this topic, we will be exploring all of the different forces which act upon us and how they affect us in our daily lives. We will be undertaking many different science experiments to prove what forces can do.


We discovered recently a 'meteorite crash' within the grounds of the school and as excellent scientists, it is our job to discover the forces which acted upon this meteor to bring it down to Earth. Once we discover that, we need to be able to use our knowledge of air resistance to parachute down to the site to retrieve the mysterious meteor.


Watch this space for further information and photographs as this amazing topic progresses.

Any photographs can be found within the WOW Work section.

Picture 1