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Year 5 - Magpies

Welcome to Year 5 from Mr Ames

Hello and welcome to Year 5- Our teacher is Mr Ames and he is supported by supported by a brilliant team who include: Mrs Sinclair, Mrs Blackman, Mrs Moon and Mrs Bromhead. 


It’s hard to believe that we are already a third of the way through the academic year but we have had an amazing start to our time in Year 5 and I could not be prouder of the effort and progress of each and every child in the class. Last term’s topic on World War II was a great success and I know how much the children are looking forward to sinking their teeth into our new topic, The Land Before Time based all around the dinosaurs, evolution and creation. This will be a very thought provoking and interesting topic where the children will get to share their personal views, create their own dinosaur and even advertise a visit to the infamous, Jurassic Park!


Evolution, inheritance and adaptation of the dinosaurs will be explored via our science lessons as well as exploring how the world looked millions of years ago within Geography. We will identify all of the different dinosaurs which lived and how they were able to survive and what ultimately ended their reign on Earth. To coincide with this, as part of our RE, the class will be exploring and debating the topic of creation and look at different points of view: creationism, evolution and other religions views on how the world was created. The children will have the opportunity to discuss, debate and draw their own conclusions on how they believe the Earth was created.




Watch this space for further information and photographs as this amazing topic progresses.

Highlights of our year so far...including: soldier portraits, a trip to the Holocaust Centre, poppy sewing and dinosaur time lines