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Hello everyone! I am sending you a very warm welcome to Year 4. I feel extremely lucky to have the opportunity to teach you all again and watch you grow into mature and confident learners. Now you are fully established in KS2 at The Holt, you can really start to become independent young people who are ready and willing to make mistakes, learn from them and become kind and caring citizens who make a difference to our world. Year 4 is going to be a wonderful time and we have lots of brilliant topics to inspire us. Mrs Emmingham and Miss Harrison will be helping us in the classroom and although things may be organised a little differently, you won't have to get used to a new space! I have missed you all terribly and I can't wait to see you and start learning again! 

Welcome to Y4 from Mrs Thursby

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Our first topic of the year is called The Rotten Romans. This unit of work is driven by history and it involves lots of exciting exploration and investigation, including finding out about the links we have right on our doorstep. 


We will discover who the Romans were, where they began and how they lived. The Romans came to the British Isles almost 2000 years ago, invading in the year 43 AD and remaining until 410 AD. From building roads and forts, to introducing the Latin language to the British Isles, they had a gigantic impact on our country for centuries to come.


We are incredibly lucky to live in a city with rich Roman connections. Why not get out and about and explore the clues that still remain for yourself. This is a great way to start learning about the Romans and it would be lovely to hear about what you found out on this trail. 


People have inhabited the landscape of Lincolnshire for nearly half a million years. The people of the past left traces of their lives all around us, even beneath our feet. Visit The collection and learn about the Roman army and the lives of the Roman citizens living in Lindum Colonia. See the mosaic floor discovered during the construction of the museum building. 


I know from talking to many of you during lock down that you all worked hard to keep up your love of reading. Here are some of the things you could do at home to keep that love of books ignited!

Remember the book blanket we created in the classroom during World Book Day. You could easily create your own and send me a photo of the blanket you created. Remember that the most important thing is to keep talking about the books you read, the ones you love and the ones you aren't keen on. Keep talking about books! This is a wonderful way to start conversations about books and authors. 



In Year 4 we love reading out loud whilst really paying attention to the 6P's. We have been working on how to perform our reading and we are encouraged to continue this at home. Have a look at Ruby's video of her reading performance. She is reading her favourite poetry book all about monkeys!

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Click on the document below to read the rights of a reader poster written by Cressida Cowell. 


This is a good list that gives you some ideas of books that are matched to our year group. Have a look for yourself and see if there are any you fancy reading. Let me know and I can try and get some of these titles for our class library. 



Audio books are a great way to enjoy stories at home. Have a look at this poster with some ideas for ways to enjoy audio books as a family!

Enjoy these extracts!

Here are some extracts that you might like to read. Let me know if you like any of these books and we might be able to get them for our book corner. Go to lovereading4 and you will be inspired to try some new titles.


Here are some documents that will help parents with some tips about reading at home.This area will be regularly updated.

Book of Books!

Our Book of Books for Year 4 is all ready for our new academic year. Inside you will find our reading journey as we progress through the year. It is an exciting place to record our thoughts and feelings about the books we read and it is there to keep revisiting again and again. Hopefully you will be inspired by the books we read and study this year. Our Book of Books will be a talking point for our discussions and don't forget to watch this space for some incredible reading work! 

The Tear Thief by Carol Ann Duffy

We have started the year with a brilliant book all about a character who collects tears from children in the neighbourhood. It is a story full of rich language which inspires good discussions about feelings as well as inspiring writing. Year 4 have loved reading and performing this book! Watch this space for some of their work as we come to the end of this sequence of work.


Year 4 have loved writing in role as the Tear Thief. They imagined they were sitting on the rooftops gazing into their sack of tears. They explored what the Tear Thief might have been thinking and saying. The way they used their inference skills to write in role was brilliant. Mrs Thursby is very proud of their final draft and the way in which they have superbly presented and published their writing. 

Writing a letter in role!

Year 4 have excelled in the way they have shown their inference skills in this task. They worked so hard in their reading lessons to infer how one of the main characters might have felt when she lost her dog. With this in mind, they were then able to write a superb letter to the Tear Thief thanking her for helping to find the dog. These letters show a great understanding of the character but also how they are able to show a chatty informal style. Mrs Thursby is proud of each and every one of her class and she can't wait to see what they wrote next. Exciting times ahead reading as a writer!

We are still waiting for some children to finish this final piece but eventually every letter will be shown here so come and read! 

Come and see our Book of Books!

We've been working very hard to capture our reading in our new book of books. We have enjoyed talking about the story of the Tear Thief, collecting wonderful language and improving our prediction and questioning skills. We particularly enjoyed a lesson exploring what we knew and could find out about tears. This background knowledge lesson was so important because we were able to use our own experiences and new knowledge to help us understand the book in a deeper way. 

Power point of the story

Use this power point to practise reading the story at home.


The Tear Thief Audio

Try listening to this and enjoy the story for yourself. Which 6P's can you work on?

Mrs Thursby is currently reading...

This section of our class page is dedicated to finding out what I am reading. It is so important to keep talking about books you are reading and authors that you have tried. This space will be a place to go to where you will be able to learn about new books and books that I may recommend to you. I will also put extracts from new books that you might like to try. 

This is the place to go to if you want ideas for new books or to just find out what I'm reading so that you can talk to me about a book.

At the moment, I am reading Charlotte's Web. I have only just started it but do come and ask me a question if you want to find out about it yourself.

Mrs Thursby's Bookshelf!

 Below are some photographs of my bookshelf at home. If you look closely, you will see a variety of books from childrens' books to cook books and even books that help me with my job! Look out for one called Word will be my guinea pigs for ideas from that book soon!

Do you have a book shelf at home? I would love to see a photo of it!



To kick start our new term we talked a lot about our worries. It was lovely to be open and honest about our time in lockdown and the things that we were concerned about on our return. Our worry monsters were created so that they could be with us at all times on our desk. When we get a worry we will be writing it down and putting it in our worry monster so our worries can be munched away!

Take a look at some of our amazing creations! What a great start to our new academic year. Everyone now knows how to cope with their worries. 


Come and look at our thoughts, feelings and things that mean a great deal to us. The presentation shows how much Year 4 care about their work. WELL DONE!


I am incredibly proud of Year 4 for the way in which they have coped during our time in isolation. They have shown an outstanding attitude to learning whilst continuing their home learning and they have been determined to keep their skills going. It has been lovely to hear their voices on the phone but I can't wait to see them back in the classroom where they belong.

Keep looking out for their brilliant work. I will continue to add pieces as they send me them.


Isla Bonham's Ocean of Dreams

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Performance Poetry!

15 September 2020

Charlie's Performance Poetry!


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Watch Charlie get into character as George!

Arabella's Performance!

Arabella's video.MOV

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Isla Bonham's Performance!

Isla Bonham's

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Holly's Performance Poetry!

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This is a dedicated space to celebrate our achievements at home. Watch out for your homework projects related to our topic Rotten Romans. Hopefully we will be able to inspire each other to work hard at home!


Isla's outstanding Roman mosaic

Holly's Roman Projects

Jenson's Roman Numerals work.

Emilie's Models

Isla's Roman Shield Project

She makes a fabulous Roman Soldier!


This term Mrs Thursby set an optional Science task as part of our topic homework grid. Look below for Dexter's outstanding contribution!

Dexter investigates static electricity!

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Year 4 have been learning about the dangers of electricity in their Science work. They have created some fabulous posters to warn you of some of the dangers around us. Here are just a few to look at!


Year 4 have been very excited about a daily session learning all about words. They have started understanding the morphology of words-how they are constructed and the etymology of words-where they originally come from. Mrs Thursby has been so impressed with their enthusiasm for these lessons. Take a look at the way in which they are learning to record what they know about words in their word journals.  


Year 4 are using Word hippo to help them understand new words that we study. This is a brilliant website to investigate words, their synonyms, antonyms and dictionary definitions. Try this at home using the link below.

Books to help learn about the etymology of words!

Year 4 will be using these books to help them understand brand new words. Knowing where words come from really helps us understand the meaning of a word and how to use it in different ways.



Year 4 have been learning how word sorts can help with their knowledge of how to spell words and how to understand some of the rules for spelling.

Use the stars below to find the words sorts we do in class. 


Year 4 have been learning about why the Romans invaded Britain. They have loved increasing their knowledge about the details of the invasions. To apply their historical knowledge, they were asked to design a poster on behalf of the Roman Army asking their people to come together and fight. They had to use persuasive language and techniques in this task and I'm sure you'll agree they did an amazing job!


This week I have nominated my whole class for their wonderful dedication to learning their 6 times table. After trying a new approach that uses a simple counting stick, Year 4 have mastered the sequence of the 6's in just three days! We will be continuing this approach with other times tables as we try and learn every times table up to 12. It has been a pleasure to watch their enthusiasm and to celebrate their success. Watch them in action!

6 times table.mp4

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Songs to help with Times Tables!

Try some of the links below. Have fun using songs to learn your times tables. Singing really helps you learn and most of all it can help learning stick in your long term memory. 

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It gives me great pleasure to announce that our new topic is called FRAGILE EARTH. This is one of my favourite topics to teach because it has so many real life links. This unit of work is a real journey around our beautiful green and blue planet from the peak of the snowiest mountain to the bottom of the deepest bluest ocean. Our oceans are home to the greatest diversity of life on earth, and yet we have better maps of Mars than of the ocean floor. With so much more to discover, join our learning journey and meet the creatures beyond your imagination, chase sea otters through kelp forests, and glide the open ocean with the humpback whales. During this amazing topic, we will take a deep breath and dive into a beautiful wilderness beneath the waves. David Attenborough eat your heart out! 


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