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Year 4 - Redwings

Welcome to Year 4 from Mr Cox


I'm Mr Cox and I work with Mrs Warriner in Year 4.

Mrs Fitzgerald teaches grammar and handwriting on Tuesday mornings and Mrs Moon provides support to any children who need a bit of extra time on their maths work.


Year 4 is a very exciting time because the children are at the age where they are able to thrive with a bit of extra independence and responsibility.  I want to inspire and enthuse the class by giving them opportunities to express themselves in their work.  I love to see excitement when we start a new topic, or passions developing when children come into school and show me things they have made or learned or practiced at home.  Every year, I try to improve somehow on the experiences I provided for the previous year.  Last year's class set the bar very high though so I've got my work cut out for me over the next 11 months!


Come and see me if you would like a chat or you have any suggestions about how to give your child the year they deserve!


Mr Cox

Our Harvest Assembly Song!