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Year 3 - Woodpeckers

Welcome to Year 3 from Mrs Thursby!

Hello everyone! My name is Mrs Thursby and I warmly welcome you to the  Year 3 class. Everyone in Year 3 works hard to make sure that the transition to KS2 is successful. We no longer have an afternoon break but you will be so busy that you won't even notice! Mrs Sinclair and Mrs Emmingham will be helping us with our learning and it promises to be an exciting year. We have lots of super topics that are going to inspire us and excite us as we learn. Our first topic is called Vicious Vikings and we will be discovering how these fierce warriors invaded Europe.

Please feel free to come and see our classroom. You are very welcome any time. We have some fantastic photographs of our class pretending to be vicious vikings.The faces they are pulling are very realistic!  Come and enjoy them with us! 




We had a fantastic time during our transition mornings. The new Year 3 were very excited to find out about the title of our new topic and we were able to make a start by designing our own Viking shields and helmets. We made great impression on Mrs Thursby and we are all looking forward to the new term. Come and look at our brilliant work on display on our topic board in the Year 3 classroom. You are all very welcome!



A knowledge organiser really helps to give you an understanding of the factual information you will need to understand a new topic, including vocabulary. Here is an example of one that might help you when you are learning at home. We will be using them in the classroom too. 


Every term we will have books that will be our special class readers. They will be the foundation from which we will build some of our key reading skills around and they will give your child the opportunity to hear an adult read to them. This will happen regularly every week and will definitely be looked forward to and enjoyed. This helps to foster a love of reading among the class and it is also a great opportunity for me to model good reading. It is also a special time for us to share high quality literature and encourage book talk. 

Our first book for this term are George's Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl. This book will get us excited for Roald Dahl Day, which we will be celebrating on 13th September. It is a wonderful book that will have everyone hooked and we will be participating in some fun activities inspired by the plot. Watch out for some mess and our own medicine creations!

Our other class reader links with our Viking theme and is How To Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell. This will help to inspire our historical learning whilst also getting to know a brilliant plot that has everything a story could ask for!

If you have any of these books please bring them in and get reading!!!


"Jackanory" George's Marvellous Medicine

A fantastic performance by Rik Mayall on Jackanory telling the story of George's Marvellous Medicine. I know this has already been uploaded to youtube, but this is the complete version not separated into smaller bits.

'How to Train Your Dragon' Trailer HD

For more info on 'How to Train Your Dragon' visit:

A Fabulous Celebration of Roald Dahl!

Year 3 looked amazing as they arrived in school on September 13th. Thank you to all the parents for supporting us on this special book day. The children made such an effort with their dressing up. We certainly had a few Matildas, including Mrs Thursby and it was lovely to see so many children getting enthusiastic about book characters. Take a look at our photos. I hope you agree that Year 3 looked fabulous!


As part of Roald Dahl Day Year 3 really enjoyed working together to make their own concoction. Inspired by the book, they put together a brilliant recipe which then motivated them to write their own version. The class room had a wide range of smells permeating through the air. The smell of toothpaste was definitely the strongest! 


In class we have been working on how to be more effective when reading out loud. Using the 6Ps we highlighted words that need more power and passion and we worked hard to change the pitch of our voice. We worked in pairs and small groups to come up with a super performance of the poem from George's Marvellous Medicine. The results were excellent and everyone enjoyed listening to all the performances. It was a privilege to hear Year 3 reading this poem. A huge thank you for your enthusiasm Year 3. You are all star performers!

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Year 3 and 4 travelled to Perlethorpe to learn more about life as a Viking. It was full of hands on learning and it certainly helped them understand key events in Viking history. They loved dressing up, making jewellery and creating Viking homes in the woodland. What a beautiful setting! It was so good to see the children enjoying the wonderful scenery. Outdoor learning at its best!