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Times tables targets

In Year 3 the new curriculum requires the children to know lots of times tables. The tables are: x 2 x5 x10 x3 x4 x8. The children are currently working hard on these but some of them are very challenging. Here is a guide to help your child achieve quick recall:


1. Count in multiples with your chosen times table. Practise counting forwards and backwards in order.

2. Write out your times table in order starting from 1.

3. Practise saying the times table in order and make sure  you know it off by heart.

4. Get an adult to ask you questions from your chosen times table out of order.

5. Practise answering the questions out of order in 5 seconds.

6. Try a times table grid and time yourself. Aim for 3 minutes to start with and work your way up to 1 minute.

7. Get an adult to ask you 10 questions on your times table in a test. When you can get 10 correct on 3 different occasions you have achieved your goal!!

REMEMBER!!! Practising makes all the difference. A little work regularly is an excellent way to achieve quick recall. Please come and see me for times tables grids. I am happy to print as many as you want to take home!