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Thursday 12th November

As well as the PowerPoint with the voice notes, I have now done an additional video with the teaching points in here as well. I do hope that you find it useful.

In order for the voice notes to work, I believe the PowerPoint should be viewed on a laptop or desktop computer.


Many thanks and please email should you have any issues.


In the PowerPoint, there are some activities to complete; these are as follows:


1. Find all of the different sentence openers and write them down (on the grid or you can use pen and plain paper).

2. Are there any rhetorical questions? Write those in your grid.

3. The person (Tilly) who is writing the extract, has used lots of emotions language - can you write down all of her emotions e.g. confused.

4. Find some WOW words (ones you love) and write those on the grid. What is their meaning?

5. Using the character profile page (slide 7) can you write down all of the emotions that Tilly has been feeling? This is throughout the book - can you explain why she felt a certain way e.g. Overwhelmed - she felt like this because everyone was dumping their pets at the Emergency Zoo.


Please do email me if you are struggling with access; I know there we some issues with yesterdays work and I apologise for any confusion this may have caused. You are all doing a great job!

Teaching points if you cannot hear the voice notes

Still image for this video