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It's a peaceful Christmas Eve for Gnorman and his family, when, suddenly, they receive a very important letter from Mrs Claus. Santa and the elves have a bad case of the sniffles, and she needs their help if Christmas is to be saved this year! With so many gnome names, it's not surprising that my Gnorman, Gnorma, Gnora and Gnoah got mixed up at times!

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When the snow falls, magic fills the air. One snowy day, a boy builds a Snowman and in the middle of the night, the Snowman comes to life!

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In the story, Christmas is only one day away, and Millicent Mouse has scrubbed and dusted and baked until everything is perfect! But when Millicent's friends need help, her plans go topsy-turvy! How will she have her perfect Christmas now?

Can you spot where I say, "I have no wreath for my ivy." It should be, "I have no ivy for my wreath!"

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On Christmas Eve while children sleep, the scalliwag robbers prowl and creep. Who can catch them? Tell us - who? The one and only Officer Pugh.

A fast paced and entertaining story using rhyme to move it along! Join in the repetition with, "Ho Ho for the robbers, the cops and the robbers Ho Ho!"

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