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Quest Myths

The Year 4 Quest Myth Project is a huge piece of work.  It is the most extended piece of writing most children have ever done up to this point and they design everything themselves, from the characters to the world in which the myth takes place.


Year 4 are currently completing the Climactic Main Event section and still need to do the Journey Home and Ending.  As you can see from the documents here, the work is very heavily scaffolded to allow the children to break a very large piece of writing into countless smaller sections.  I have included virtually everything I use to teach the project so children can write their own from scratch if desired.  I have adapted it to various different topics, hence the various different character examples.  The writing is all from this year's Stone Age topic though (Ancient Egyptian and Roman versions are available).




This project has taken me a LONG time to adapt and develop over the years so please don't put pressure on yourselves or your children to follow the full route shown below.  I have opted to give you pretty much everything I have so that you and your children can pick and choose whatever you would like to work on.  Please bear in mind that creating and understanding a project inside and out makes it much easier to deliver than having to follow somebody else's plans so you have a tougher job than me already!



When I teach this, I include skills lessons in between the writing sections on

  • Direct speech,
  • Sentence openers,
  • Upgraded sentences (fronted adverbial, two expanded noun phrases, subordinate clause),
  • Short sentences for dramatic effect.

I will (at some point!) put some resources for these skills on here.


The order of teaching is as follows:

  • Design character
  • Design Monster
  • Design Object of Great Importance (something to defeat the monster / something to retrieve / take somewhere in a Lord of the Rings style / something to rescue etc.  Children decide)
  • Create Map (show the route the hero takes on their journey)
  • Plan story using Story Mountain (Journey section should include no more than two locations from the map to encourage quality descriptions of powerfully relevant locations and events rather than rambling lists of visited places!)
  • Write Setting description
  • Write Character description
  • Write Problem
  • Write Journey
  • Write Climactic Main Event
  • Write Journey Home and Ending (usually done together)
  • Write up in neat on aged paper.  Illustrations can be drawn or painted (we paint them with water-colours).