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Learning about Electricity


Fun with circuits!

Year 3 have been learning lots of new vocabulary linked to circuits. We have learned these words in our practical lesson about building a working circuit.

We now know:




power source

component (part)






Electricity Knowledge Organiser

Use this to help you learn the words we are taught in class.

We had a brilliant time trying to solve a problem. We had to find a way to light the bulb and we used a great deal of resilience! 

Take a look at how we did!

Watch this video!

Continue your learning at home and enjoy this video!

The Power of Circuits! | Technology for Kids | SciShow Kids

Correction: Some of the animations in this video depict power flowing from the positive (+) side of a battery. This is incorrect. Power flows from the negative (-) end of the battery. We apologize for the mistake. Have you ever wondered how you can turn the light on in your house?