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Home Learning- Weeks beginning: 11th May and 18th May

Home Learning:


Dear Parents/Carers,

                                 The work provided in these packs is designed so that your child is able to access them as independently as possible. During this time, lots of the children will have questions relating to what’s going on in the world and may struggle to focus on their schoolwork. This is fine. This is normal. Their mental and emotional well-being must always come first. Your child may want to and be motivated to complete all of the activities or just some of them; this is totally fine. There is a very good e-book online which explains the situation we currently find ourselves in in child friendly language. If you feel it appropriate to share with your child, the link is:


Please note that in order to complete the activities, you do not need to print off all of the resources. Lots of them can be completed on pieces of paper, within notebooks etc. The resources may be used onscreen as something to refer to when your child is writing, completing calculations or undertaking a topic task. Lots of the PDF files can be easily viewed on tablet devices so if your child has one of these, they could use this to access the resources to support their learning. In addition to this, the majority of the maths learning takes place online through the White Rose Maths Hub home learning website.


Please know you are doing a great job and fingers crossed normal life will be able to resume soon.


Stay safe and best wishes,


Mr Ames