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This afternoon you are going to learn about the life of Edith Cavell, a British nurse who helped soldiers in a similar way to Florence Nightingale. 


First look through the PPTs and use these to learn about Edith. Make sure you ask a grown up if there are any words that you don't understand - we will look through these again during our Teams meeting if you are really unsure. 


Then use the role play cards to act out parts of Edith's life. Imagine you are her and think about her feelings and thoughts at this time. 


You are going to use the diary entry sheet to write about your day as Edith. You are not writing as yourself. You can use I or my in your writing about you should include what you have done during the day, how you felt, what was good or bad and any other thoughts you might have. I have included a "What a good one looks like" for you to look through to start with to get some ideas about writing a diary entry.


Have fun acting and take some photos to send to us if you want to :-)