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English Project

Please note - this does not need printing.

Please use the timetable for the instructions for what you need to do on each day.


Wednesday - Meet the Rhi-swano-zeb-tah! This project is all about learning about a very strange animal and then creating your own. Please for today's lesson: read the information text, use your 6Ps to read it aloud and look at page 8 - what have you learnt about this creature?


Thursday - Look back at the text from yesterday's lesson - can we now explore any of the unknown words within the text. Please use a dictionary to identify the meaning of these words (pg 9).

Next, we are going to explore and investigate some words on the table. These are new words which you may not have come across before. On page 10, there is an activity about examples and non examples. Please go no further than pg11.

If you would like, there is an additional lesson:  This is all about complex sentences!


Friday - Reading challenge day!

Looking at the original text, can you answer the comprehension questions. You need to highlight (if you can) the key information with the evidence. These questions are on pages 12-14.

If you would like an additional challenge, there is an additional lesson on brackets for extra information.

English and reading project - please read the instructions on the timetable. You can just do this on paper

Reading fluency challenge - Gran can you rap?