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Year 4 have returned from their residential!  Here are some things we learnt:

  • The woodland is not a scary place, it's beautiful and calm
  • Tents are not scary either, although some children still prefer 5 star hotels
  • Foxes, badgers and deer make A LOT of noise in the night
  • Year 4 children feel that 3am is an acceptable time to begin their day
  • Miss Harrison and Mr Cox know how to skin, joint and cook a deer
  • Learning where our meat comes from is not horrible, it's really important so that we can make our own choices about the sort of animal welfare we want to support with our money
  • Mrs Blackman and Mrs Bromhead don't really need sleep, they prefer to stay awake all night
  • Making throwing sticks with a bushcraft knife is hard work
  • Hitting the target with a throwing stick is even harder
  • Making leather pouches isn't difficult but you have to concentrate
  • Paint can be created from leaves, berries and mud
  • Willow branches make great paintbrushes
  • Mrs Thursby really doesn't like it when Mr Cox forgets to bring her luxury blow-up camping mattress and she has to sleep on leaves instead
  • Dougie and Ellie B are really good at Eagle Eye
  • Rufus cannot remember how to play Forest Ninja, no matter how many times we tell him the rules
  • Ella has some sort of Forest Ninja vendetta against Mr Cox
  • Miss Harrison is the slowest Forest Ninja in the world, but still managed to get Mr Cox out
  • Phoebe thinks that the splits is the best position to start Forest Ninja - a game that relies on agility
  • Ryan and Connie are fierce warriors when they paint their faces
  • Nyomi is surgical with an Egyptian Throwing Stick
  • Mr Cox can light a fire with a bow drill
  • Smores are best when cooked over a campfire that you've lit with your friends
  • Eagle Eye is best played at night
  • Throwing Sticks must be carried at both ends
  • Staff are noisy and excitable when they sit around a campfire at the end of a long day
  • Always leave the bedroom section in a tent zipped shut so the mozzies don't get in
  • Bacon is the best way to start a new day in the woods
  • Bella thinks that 20 minutes is a normal amount of time to spend brushing her teeth.  They are REALLY clean


Feel free to write any more you can think of down and hand it in, I'll add it to the list!


Added by children:

  • Faye, Chloe D and Evie turn into teenagers when somebody gets them out in Forest Ninja

Skinning and cooking a deer - a really important learning experience about where our food comes from and differences in types of animal welfare

Lighting fires with Fire-Steels (a bow-drill for Mr Cox, which he was very excited about!) and cooking Smores with friends. A wonderful end to the first day.

Year 4 used nails and leather to make Ancient Egyptian pouches. It was fiddly but the results were lovely!