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In this section I will set you challenges and tasks to complete.  Some of them will be fine to do on your own, some will need an adult to supervise you.  Enjoy and let me know if there is a specific subject or type of task you would like to see!

Build a wooden frame - part 1

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Build a wooden frame - part 2

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Try this trick!

Pick a number between 1-10

Multiply by 9

Subtract 5

Add the digits together and repeat this step until you have a one-digit number

For the number you have pick that letter of the alphabet a=1 b=2 etc

Think of a country beginning with that letter

Think of an animal that begins with the second letter of that country

Think of a colour usually associated with the animal...

What do you have?

Is it a grey elephant from Denmark?

Can you try it on your family.... or maybe create your own?


Where do we live?

Use a map to find the countries of the United Kingdom and use the points of a compass to help work out where they are in relation to each other..

Then use this quiz to learn where the counties of England are.

Can you find where you or family/friends live?


How about making a wormery?

Just after it rains is the best time to hunt for worms.

Once you’ve collected five or so then put them in a large Tupperware box or old ice-cream tub with some soil. Make holes in the top so they can breathe. Then you’ll be able to feed the worms food scraps, including eggshells and vegetable peelings. The worms will make great compost, which you’ll be able to use in your garden.

And don’t forget to wash your hands.... and let the worms wriggle free when you’re bored of them!!!!


This challenge involves your adults.  I’d like you to sit outside and read stories around a camp fire.

Don’t have a campfire? Don’t have outdoor space?! You can build a fake one... and it’ll be just as good if not better...

I’ve given you one way as an example... but use what you have and be creative.

HOWEVER: This is a challenge that needs adult supervision.  Under NO circumstances do you light a fire without your adult.  In fact, don’t EVER light anything without an adult.


Firstly, use a mirror to count your teeth.

Now research different types of teeth and find the following types of teeth in your mouth.  Some of these may not be in your mouth...


Egg Teeth




Wisdom Teeth

Peg Teeth




Now plan and carry out this experiment:

Identifying leaf types

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Have you ever been to Mars?  Me neither!  For now we'll have to visit virtually!

Can you find 5 amazing facts about Mars?

A science investigation!

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This challenge is to look at rainbows inside a bubble!  If you look inside a soap bubble when you wash your hands (for 20 seconds) you’ll see swirling rainbows!

Try this experiment:

  • Tape a square of clear, stiff plastic onto a torch.
  • Put a spoonful of bubble liquid (try hand soap or washing up liquid) and use a straw to blow bubbles in it
  • Turn out the lights, switch on the torch and hold your ‘bubbularium’ just above eye height!
  • Try adding some sugar to the bubble liquid and see what happens...

Where do you think the colours come from?

You could try and find out what colour light is.

Pressup challenge.mp4

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My pressup-challenge effort

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These were all done on the same day! My clothing changes because I walked the dog very early when it was cold, then got changed when it warmed up. My total... 255. I was completely done after this, my arms ached for a few days afterwards. Go steady Year 4!


There are loads of great tutorials online about taking great photos, or maybe you know someone who can offer you some photography advice.

Your challenge today is to take photos to capture your time during this strange time.  Remember, this will be part of your history so make them clear and let them show your personality too!


This challenge is to create a fitness course or obstacle course in your garden or house.  Think about safety but make it challenging too.  Google 'Home obstacle course' for some ideas!