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Answers to previous questions!

Answers to previous questions

How long was Lincoln Cathedral the World's tallest building for?

Although it is not absolutely proven, it is said that it was the tallest building for 238 years (from 1311AD–1548AD)


What is at the core of Jupiter?

We can't be sure but we think it might be liquid metallic hydrogen, which has a really strange magnetic field, and possibly a rocky core.  Humans haven't yet managed to invent anything that can survive in Jupiter's atmosphere for long enough to check though.


What does the Indian Flower Mantis and the Spiny Flower Mantis use mimicry for?

Some people think that it mimics a flower so that it can hide inside a real flower and wait for insects to be attracted to the flower itself.  It has now been seen waiting on leaves and other contrasting objects, and actually attracting insects directly to itself by looking like a pastel-coloured flower.  This is called 'Agressive Mimicry' as it is a way of hunting.  In fact, some bees will be more attracted to the Flower Mantis than to real flowers.


Why does the Slow Loris have important elbows and how does it use them to protect its babies?

The pygmy slow loris produces a toxin from glands on its elbows, which it licks to poison its teeth.  Some researchers think that when female slow lorises groom their babies, they are coating them in poisonous saliva to protect them from predators


What is the smallest country in the world?

The Vatican City is the smallest country in the world, at 0.44 square kilometres.  It is inside the city of Rome, which we know is where the Ancient Romans originated from!


Where is the deepest mine in the world?