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Year 5 - Magpies

Welcome to Year 5 from Mr Ames

Hello and welcome to Year 5- Our teacher is Mr Ames and he is supported by supported by a brilliant team who include: Mrs Sinclair, Mrs Blackman, Mrs Moon and Mrs Bromhead. We also have a student teacher, Miss Mackay working alongside us this year.


Our first topic of the year is all about the events before and during World War II. This will be an amazing and immersive topic whereby the children will have the opportunity to explore what life was like during the Blitz, experience the hardships faced by evacuees as well as learning all about what happened during the blackouts. In this section of the topic, we will explore electricity and even create our own torches so that we can see during a blackout period.


Watch this space for further information and photographs as this amazing topic progresses.

Highlights of our year so far...