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Year 3 - Woodpeckers

Welcome to Year 3 from Mrs Thursby!

Hello everyone! My name is Mrs Thursby and I warmly welcome you to the  Year 3 class. Everyone in Year 3 works hard to make sure that the transition to KS2 is successful. We no longer have an afternoon break but you will be so busy that you won't even notice! Mrs Sinclair and Mrs Moon will be helping us with our learning and it promises to be an exciting year. We have lots of super topics that are going to inspire us and excite us as we learn. Our first topic is called Rotten Romans and we will be discovering what life was like in Ancient Rome. We will also be learning about Lincoln in Roman times. 

Please feel free to come and see our classroom. You are very welcome any time. We have some fantastic photographs of us reading in unusual places in our book corner. Come and enjoy them with us! 




On September 13th 2018 our school will be celebrating Roald Dahl day. Year 3 will be focusing on the book James and the Giant Peach. If you have a copy of this book please bring it with you on the day as it will be very useful for our activities. We will be doing lots of exciting things associated with the book so it promises to be a wonderful day.

Dressing up for Roald Dahl day!!!!

Story Telling Project BGU

This term we will be working with BGU to improve our understanding of stories. A group of students will  visit us and spend time sharing stories and finding out the kind of literature we like to read. This year the theme will be on Lincoln cathedral and this will help inspire us for ideas for some amazing stories. Look out for a letter that will tell you about our visit to Bishop Grosstetste University where we will have a fun packed day of story telling, music and drama. 

This project is always an amazing experience that the children will always remember. Past pupils are always coming back to Year 3 recounting their favourite experiences and this project is definitely one of the most popular! 


Year 3 were so excited to welcome several student teachers from Bishop Grossteste University. They worked with the children to inspire them to create story characters.They shared books together and talked about their favourite stories and characters. The children thoroughly enjoyed the creative activities that the students had planned for them! They couldn't wait for part 2 which involved visiting them in their own setting and having the exciting prospect of visiting the cathedral to enhance the learning in this project.

Come and look at the story characters we created!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12


What an amazing day Year 3 had at BGU. Part 2 of this project didn't leave us disappointed! We began in the cathedral. This was the stimulus for our story telling and the theme was monsters and dragons. The children worked in groups with other local schools and they enjoyed exploring every corner of the fantastic cathedral. The building truly inspired them and it was wonderful to see them so excited by the discovery of the Lincoln Imp.

After spending two hours in this historic building, we walked back to the university where the students had spent hours creating magnificent story dens. The children spent the afternoon creating characters, using paint, collage materials and many other fantastic resources. They enjoyed reading stories and creating their own. This experience was definitely one they will look back on. They left the university with so many wonderful things to take home that they could hardly fit on the coach!

Year 3 will be talking about this experience for a long time! 


This is a great way to find out about new books. Our classroom was set out just like a cafe and we enjoyed juice and lots of biscuits whilst we were reading! We filled in a reading menu and talked about what we liked and why.

Enjoy your reading!


As part of our transition day, we enjoyed exploring unusual places to read around school. With Mrs Moon's help, we came up with some fantastic places! Come and see if you can find them in our new classroom. Reading in an exciting place makes it much more fun! 


For the first few weeks of the Autumn term we will be learning all about Place Value in our Maths work. We will be working with base ten apparatus and place value counters to support the concepts we are trying to understand. Working practically is very important as it helps us secure our learning. We really enjoyed getting to know the place value charts that we use in Year 3. 

Working with apparatus

Working with apparatus 1
Working with apparatus 2
Working with apparatus 3
Working with apparatus 4
Working with apparatus 5
Working with apparatus 6
Working with apparatus 7


To enhance our topic learning, Year 3 joined together with Year 4 to enjoy a day at Lincoln Castle. We enjoyed finding out about Lincoln in Roman times and learning how to be Roman soldiers in battle. We loved walking around the castle walls and had the privilege of looking at the fantastic views across Lincoln. Our favourite moment was getting the opportunity to act out a Roman battle where the adults got to throw weapons....(not real of course) at our testudo formation. Have a look at these photographs which show what an amazing day we had!